CAPITAL CARS – Cars sales and buying


Anthony Lyons

I travelled over from the Republic of Ireland to purchase an Audi A5 Sportback from the guys at Capital Cars and have been so happy with my purchase since. From the online description it was exactly what i was looking for. I called Steve as there was no picture at the time on the website as the car had just come in. He assured me the car was in great condition and exactly as described. Trusting him i placed a deposit on the car. Later pictures were posted and the car looked in top condition. I travelled over to bring the car back to Ireland and when i arrived the car was in exactly the condition as described. Steve was true to his word. As it happens , i had some trouble with my bank card paying for the car. Steve and the guys there were so patient and kind to me. They drove me around the city to places i needed to go to sort my banking problem out and gave me lots of tea! Since then, i have been so happy with the car. It was sold to me in top condition. i’ve found the guys kind and honest. highly recommended, have had a great experience. Advice for potential Irish customers…Fly to Manchester …Take train from Manchester airport to Sheffield … its pretty direct and only takes an hour or so. Capital cars is about 10/15 minute walk from the train station. Drive to Holyhead takes about 2.5 hours. All very possible in 1 day if all goes to plan. Lastly, dont use bank card, use Electronic transfer or bankers draft. Thanks again Guys !!!

Zora Ahmed

I recently an Audi A5 2.0 TDI from these guys, and they were fantastic ! From the minute i entered the car park, i knew the Audi was what i defiantly wanted. After taking a look around the car, the lovely salesman came across to see if there was anything he could help me with, and let me see inside the car. Usually , car salesmen are pushy and talk over you, but these guys were spot on. I was left to look around the car and decide for myself. I was given a brilliant deal on the car, and i am thrilled at the condition of it. I would recommend Capital Cars to anyone for quality service, quality cars and competitive prices !!!

Marvin Miller

Dear Steve and team, thank you so much for the smooth and efficient way you have dealt with my new car purchase. The Saab is better than expected and i am really happy with it. I have had a traumatic 2 months as my old car had been written off ( not my fault ) so i wasnt expecting to fork out any money this side of Christmas, but you have made everything stress free for me, so thank you. P.S my partner says that if you have the same type of car that becomes available in an estate version, be sure to let us know. Many thanks S.D